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Freight X Driver Spotlight

Maurice Watson, Lease-Purchase Owner Operator

Maurice Watson, a lease-purchase owner operator, has been with the Freight X team for a very long time. In an industry where driver turnover is increasingly common, Maurice truly stands out. He’s been loyal for a reason, so we decided to pick his brain to find out why he enjoys driving for Freight X.

Freight X Is a Family

For starters, it’s the family atmosphere. “For a company to address you by name and not your truck number or load number – that speaks volumes to me,” Maurice says.

Many years ago when he drove for other trucking companies, Maurice explains that he’d get a call, and the dispatcher would actually start the call with his load number. It made him feel like just another drop in the bucket. “It’s clear that Freight X is truly concerned about the well-being of the driver,” he says.

For Maurice, the person-to-person relationship that makes us all feel like a family is what he enjoys. “That’s one of the main things I really like about Freight X,” he explains.

A Fair Lease-Purchase Program

Beyond being so family-oriented, Maurice explains that the lease-purchase program has treated him very well. 

“My weekly truck payments were a lot less than what I was expecting,” he says. “I’m able to make all of my deductions and payments and still take home a fairly decent check.”

Maurice says he often talks with other drivers at truck stops, and he tells them about the Freight X lease-purchase program and how great of an experience it has been for him. In an industry where lease-purchase programs are often full of unfair practices, balloon payments, and insane truck valuations, Maurice says that Freight X is doing it right.

Freight X Won’t Leave You Stranded

You’re never stranded with this company,” Maurice says.

Freight X is based in Georgia and Florida, and not too long ago, Maurice’s truck broke down in Arizona. And it wasn’t exactly an easy fix. Maurice learned that it would take a local shop nearly a month to repair.

We sent one of our mechanics out there to get him with a tractor in tow, and we towed his tractor all the way back to our Florida terminal.

“I was so happy to see them come over the horizon with that tractor,” Maurice says. “Not too many companies are actually doing that. I could’ve been stuck there for nearly a month, but they were there when I needed them the most. That was a life-saving moment for me.”

When Maurice got back to Florida safely, we gave him a loaner tractor so that he could continue earning money. “Again, not many companies will continue to allow you to generate revenue and income under a loaner tractor when yours is being repaired,” Maurice explains.

Freight X Will Explain Settlements With You

Every once in a while, there can be a misunderstanding on the settlement statement, but Maurice says that he can always call Aaron, the Director of Operations, and he’ll take the time to break it down.

“He takes the time to explain some of the reasons why the statement may look the way that it looks. He brings it down to a better understanding,” he says.

For Maurice, that open line of communication whenever he needs it is very impactful.

We love working with Maurice, because he’ll give us a call if he has a question or has an issue on his settlement, and we talk frankly about it. We know he’s genuine, and he knows we’d never withhold any earnings that are rightfully his.

He asks for an explanation, we talk through it, and we’re all good. A lot of drivers complain that something doesn’t seem fair – Maurice understands that we’ll always talk through it, and he’s more than willing to admit that we’re being fair about whatever issue is at hand.

Quality of Freight

Maurice says he enjoys the customers and freight relationships we have here at Freight X. “We have a lot of customers that allow us to run different routes and lanes,” he says.

Another plus? The majority of the freight we haul, at least lately, is light freight. As an owner operator, that’s a huge bonus.

Great Staff

Maurice also says that it goes without saying – the Freight X staff is great. 

“I enjoy the dispatchers, the load planner, the guys in the shop – they all get the job done right,” he says.

Maurice is a wonderful addition to the Freight X driving team, and he says he recommends Freight X to any driver without hesitation.

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