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Owner Operator Perks

Enjoy flexibility and increase your earning potential as an Owner Operator at Freight X. Here’s what all of our Owner Operators get when they join Freight X.


Predictable Pay

Get a weekly settlement you can count on. Plus, there’s no need for a factoring company. We handle all of the payroll so you can get 82% of the load – every time.

Running dedicated and enjoy the consistent freight. Home time is great.
Been with Freight X since 2019 as a Lease Purchase Team. Great miles and almost ready to pay the truck off!

Valuable Discounts

Unlock access to our fuel discount, utilize FX Truck Center repairs at discount pricing, and best of all, get your insurance at Freight X cost.

World-Class Support

We file your IFTA, supply your ELD device, handle your trailer usage, set up a prepass account (only $7.50 per week plus tolls), and monitor your driver’s license to ensure you’re always ready to run. 

Freight X gives the drivers the tools they need to succeed. You get out what you put in. The staff makes you feel at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I run under my own authority?

Freight X does not allow owner operators to run under their own. All of our drivers run under our authority, which means they benefit from all of our back-office support, and we also book their loads.

Here’s why: if you got in a bad accident, we’d get pulled into the lawsuits anyway. They’d hit your line of coverage first, but they’d also come after us. That’s an incredible liability to us, so we avoid that by ensuring all of our drivers run under our authority. You can read more about this here: The Truth About Running Under Your Own Authority

Can I book my own loads?

While you can choose when and where you run, our experienced dispatchers and load planners book your loads for you. When you’re booking your own freight, accessing load boards costs you money, let alone sitting there and figuring out which loads you want to take. Time is money, and you want to spend all of your working time on the road, spinning those wheels.

In addition, we don’t recommend working with a company that allows you to book your own loads. We can almost guarantee you they have been freight guarded in the past, and you won’t have the opportunity to book with all the brokers out there. You’ll lose the chance to work with a lot of organizations because of that.

Finally, many drivers who don’t run freight day-in and day-out get excited when they see a $4 per mile load. They book it and realize after the fact why the load paid so much – there are no backhauls! You may have to accept a load for 85 cents just to get out of that area. Even worse, you may have to deadhead 400 miles to get a decent paying load back home.

Our experienced load planning team takes all of that into consideration. We know what areas are hot, and we don’t get suckered into booking high-paying loads that are really dead ends. We see our load planning services a major value-add for owner operators, not a downside!

How much do owner operators make per mile?

Owner operators at Freight X aren’t paid per mile, they’re paid a percentage of the load. Here at Freight X, we pay 82% of the load.

For more information, check out our article: Should I Be a Company Driver or an Owner Operator?

How much do owner operators make?

What you make depends on your goals. Owner Operators are truly in control of their earnings. You decide where and how you run.

As an example, an owner operator who runs around 100,000 miles annually can expect to make about $125,500 after expenses. Also, keep in mind that expenses are tax-deductible.

Do you have any routes or loads in *insert area here*?

Our primary routes are in the southeast, so we are always looking for drivers in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and up the eastern seaboard.

That said, we can find loads all across the country, so please reach out if you’re not located in our area.

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