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What is the best owner operator company to work for?

Sep 7, 2021 | Owner Operator

As an owner operator, you want to partner with and work for the best trucking company in the industry – your livelihood (and sanity) depends on it!

The problem? A trucking company can promise the world during orientation, but following through once you’re on the road is key. 

We believe there are 9 things any trucking company should provide in order to truly call themselves the best company to work for as an owner operator.

1) Great Lanes

What good is a great freight rate if you end up in an area that is difficult to get out of or the rates are on the low end? There went the profit on that great load in sitting and waiting on a load or taking a cheap load just to get moving.

Freight X has dedicated customers and dedicated lanes to ensure that does not happen. We pride ourselves on the relationships with our customers that keep you moving. Plus, dedicated lanes optimize your earnings as well as your home time.

2) Home Time

Yes, you make your money while you’re on the road, but you still need some quality home time!

Ensure that the company you’re interested in will get you home when you want it. Here at Freight X, we are extremely respectful of our drivers’ wishes. We’ll get you home when you want it, we’ll only run you in areas you’re comfortable with, and we’ll work with you to get the loads you want to run.

Don’t just take our word for it! Alcindo M., an Owner Operator with us since 2012 says, “Running dedicated and enjoy the consistent freight. Home time is great.”

Running dedicated and enjoy the consistent freight. Home time is great.

3) Payroll

Get a weekly settlement you can count on. Plus, there’s no need for a factoring company. We handle all of the payroll so you can get 74% of the line haul and 100% of the fuel surcharge – every time.

4) Fuel Discounts

Our company saves tens of thousands of dollars every month because of our fuel discount. We don’t pay the fuel price you see on the sign – we have a negotiated fuel discount with Pilot/Flying J, a national average of 58 cents per gallon.

If you’re an owner operator and run approximately 100,000 miles per year, you’d enjoy roughly $12,000 in fuel savings per year with Freight X.

5) Back-Office Support

We file your IFTA, supply your ELD device, handle your trailer usage, set up a prepass account (only $7.50 per week plus tolls), and monitor your driver’s license to ensure you’re always ready to run. 

Any great trucking company for owner operators will handle all the back-office work so you can stay on the road.

6) Dedicated Customer Freight

We’re very proud to have tons of customer fright. 

When trucking companies rely heavily on broker freight, you’ll make a ton of money when the market’s hot, and you’ll be running for pennies on the dollar when the market dips.

Our customer freight is stable. It takes out the market swings and gives our owner ops a sense of reliability.

7) Discounted, Quality Maintenance

Your truck is the key to earning income, providing for your family, and getting essential goods delivered across our country. You don’t want it getting worked on by just any mechanic, and you don’t want it taking any longer than it has to.

Our mechanics are next-level. We’re able to recruit the top talent in central Florida thanks to our state-of-the-art truck center, competitive pay packages, family atmosphere, and last but not least, our rare, air-conditioned and heated shop. 

Have confidence that your truck is getting red carpet treatment by some of the most talented diesel mechanics around. 

Plus, we pay our mechanics hourly instead of piece rate, ensuring our goals are aligned with yours. All of us want to get your truck back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our owner ops get access to discounts that make it a no-brainer to work with us.

8) Transparency

All companies charge for everything. Not all companies are forthcoming about those charges. Freight X is as transparent as a window. We are going to tell you everything. We hide nothing. And we pride ourselves in that fact. No one wants to spend any more than they have to, but it’s always better to know what your expenses are than to be surprised on your settlement sheet.  

9) Open-Door Policy

Ever walked in the front door of your company only to be told by the receptionist to go to the driver window and your DM will talk to you there? I am sure you felt disrespected and not a valued member of the team. 

welcome to freight x owner operator table

Freight X has no driver window. We have a door – a door that is unlocked, and you are welcome to walk through to see anyone you need to. Operations, safety, payroll, and recruiting are always there for you. 

Or, just stop in and say hello! We do not exist without you. You deserve the respect you have earned, and at Freight X, you get it. 

10) Approachable Staff

At Freight X, we maintain that small, family-owned company feel. When you call us, you’ll be greeted by your name, not a number. 

That’s what you want in a trucking company – you want approachable staff that’s kind and personable.


So, what’s the best owner operator company to work for?

We believe it’s a company that has great lanes, offers consistent home time, handles your payroll, passes on great fuel discounts, does all the back-office work so you can stay on the road, provides dedicated customer freight, gives you discounted maintenance, is transparent, has an open-door policy, and approachable staff.

That’s a lot of boxes to check!

Here at Freight X, we offer best-in-class software, great customer relationships, a shop with incredibly skilled mechanics, and so much more. We believe we are the best owner operator company to work for!

Learn More About Becoming an Owner Operator at Freight X

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